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Limited Edition SIMS Palmer Pro

Shaun Palmer is a legend of action sports. He first shot to fame in snowboarding before going on to become one of the most successful multisport athletes ever – winning events in downhill mountainbiking, skiercross, motocross and more. In terms of snowboarding – the Palm’s cocky attitude, trash talking, and outrageous behaviour were backed up by his natural talent, athleticism, aggressive style and competitive nature. He was at his prime when snowboarding was at its most mainstream and he was riding for SIMS Snowboards making memorable film parts and winning competitions. He eventually moved on to set up his own brand Palmer Snowboards.

For this winter – he has teamed up with SIMS to release a Limited Edition Palmer Pro model. The Clown is back! SIMS also worked with original clown graphic designer Ian Morris to recreate an updated version of this very iconic graphic. This is not just a board to be displayed on the wall – made in the Never Summer factory and featuring top end materials and construction – this board is made to be ridden!

The Limited Edition SIMS Palmer Pro is available in the UK exclusively from The Snowboard Asylum.

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