As the UK distributors for Flysurfer and Ozone we have a great selection of kites with something for everyone. From trainer kites to easy to use three strut all rounders, to high performance freestyle and freeride. If you are looking for high end competitive race and freestyle kites we also have you covered!


Flysurfer are based in Germany and pioneered the closed cell foil kite concept. Whilst the brand is well known for these models it also has single skin and inflatable kites in the range. The company are all about design, innovation and customer service. Find out more about Flysurfer in the UK.


A UK company with a manufacturing facility in Vietnam and staff around the globe – Ozone has established itself as a leader in the kitesurf market. Their factory has a reputation for the best build quality in the industry. Wiith a comprehensive range of kites, there is something for everybody whether you are after the highest level of performance or simply just looking to get into kitesurfing safely and easily. Find out more about Ozone in the UK.

Tube Kites

Flysurfer Boost 2


High Performance freeride kite

Foil Kites

Flysurfer PEAK 3


Single skin freeride kite


Single Skin Trainer Kite

Foil Kites

Flysurfer Sonic 2


High Performance Race closed cell foil kite


Race Performance Closed Cell Foil Kite

Foil Kites

Flysurfer SOUL


Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind

Foil Kites

Flysurfer Speed 5


High performance freeride closed cell foil kite

Tube Kites

Flysurfer STOKE


Versatile all round tube kite


Closed cell depowerable trainer kite

Tube Kites

Ozone C4 V6


C-kite for Wakestyle / Freestyle / Freeride

Tube Kites

Ozone Catalyst V1


All round entry level - intermediate kite.

Foil Kites

Ozone Chrono V3


High Performance Freeride