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Maxtrack is a UK based distribution company which has been operating since 1997. From our head office and warehouse in Gloucestershire, through our sales agents and reps we provide a friendly and personal service to our extensive network of dealers. We specialise in action sports products.

We specialise in action sports products. We only work with brands that we believe in and we are happy to be associated with. Our approach to distribution is to offer the complete service including sales, marketing and customer support.

Over the years we have developed a portfolio of brands we are very proud of in a number of sports.


Maxtrack first established itself as a key part of the mountainboard industry. We distribute MBS Mountainboards, which has been a great success, built some of the best mountainboard centres, and have helped set up and support the ATBA. Our focus has been on developing mountainboarding as a whole, with significant promotional events over the years and long term rider support..


Atom Longboards started as a single carver within the MBS brand but as it grew and the numbers of products increased it was split of as a brand in its own right. Now featuring a complete line of both standard and electric longboards.


Never Summer first came into the picture very early on. Their factory produced the original MBS mountainboard decks. When we heard they were looking for European distributors we signed up and started our work in 2005. Since then we have built the brands following year on year and have now established a great reputation as a premium independent snowboard brand that produce top quality snowboards.

SIMS Snowboards are an iconic part of snowboard history. When we heard they were coming back and would be built by Never Summer we had to be involved.

When Academy Snowboards moved their production to Never Summer, again we wanted to be involved. Using camber focused technology and keeping the range focused, the brand offered something different.



In 2009 we started working with Flysurfer Kiteboarding – a german based kite brand creating very unique and innovative closed cell ram air foils. These are high performance kitesurf kites with unique selling points and a strong following.
In 2013 we expanded our kite business significantly with the addition of Ozone Kites – a market leader in kitesurfing, snowkiting and land based powerkiting. With their own factory in Vietnam, bespoke CAD software and a unique business model they are in a great position to handle the ever changing needs of the market.


In 2016 we started working with BIC and their kayak range. BIC Kayaks have been the foundation of a huge number of watersports centres over the years and are known for their great shapes and durability.

In 2020 TAHE was born from the union of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors, two companies famous for decades of commitment to water sports. BIC Sport’s board sport culture, manufacturing expertise and focus on family fun is now combined with Tahe Outdoors dedication to exploration and craftsmanship. 


In 2017 after BIC Sport acquired SIC Maui and we started working on developing the brand in the UK. This coincided with the release of the RS aka the Rocket Ship which was well received. SIC is a well respected brand which has gained a reputation for its downwind and race boards with many top riders choosing SIC boards over the years.

SUP exploded in popularity over the coming years with the sport seeing significant growth in participation. 

Foil & Wing

Foil and Wing

Surf foiling popped up in the wake of the kite foiling boom and slowly started to grow. AXIS Foils were one of the first brands to release a truly modular, and well thought out system which was designed to take much larger wings.

In 2019 the first hand held wings hit the market and it was not long till the scene exploded. Ozone released the original WASP which was well received thanks to the efforts of Kai Lenny.

In 2021 the market matured with more brands getting involved. The AXIS Foil range grew significantly to position itself as a market leader. Ozone released the WASP V2. Flysurfer joined the market with the MOJO. SIC Maui launched a complete range of foil boards, foils and wings.