AXIS Kiteboarding

Adrian Roper began shaping kiteboards in 1998. He was a pioneer and created many of todays design standards. He continues to lead the way in kiteboard design refining timeless concepts and integrating new technologies. AXIS Kiteboarding is a growing family with roots at the beginning of our sport, our products represent the best on offer and fuel the stoke of kiteboarders all over the world. So join us and see for yourself that AXIS kiteboards will be the only board you will want to ride!

AXIS Kiteboarding


Aluminium Freeride Foil


2018 AXIS Billy


141 x 42.5 Wakestyle/Park board


137 x 42 Wakestyle/Park board


Freeride/freestyle big air booster and freestyler


2018 AXIS Kapua


All-round Strapless Surfboard


Recreational Freeride kiteboard


Freeride/freestyle, stiff and very smooth for huge airs and powerful tricks


2018 AXIS New Wave


All-round surf


Freeride carbon foil board


Freeride foil board


Freestyle machine, boots or straps


AXIS 18mm Fins


Replacement 18MM G10 fins