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MBS Mountainboards

MBS Mountainboards
MBS was founded by friends Jason Lee and Patrick McConnell in 1993. They were snowboarders looking for a way to keep riding in the summer months. Mountainboarding has developed beyond being a wacky sport idea into a legitimate board sport and MBS has become a highly successful company. There are now tens of thousands of MBS boards out there hitting grass slopes and dirt jumps.

2003 was a big year. The tenth anniversary and the year many proprietary new products which are still known and used today were launched. These included the Matrix truck, F3 bindings and T1 tyres. A new tour, this time of US schools hit the road to demonstrate mountainboarding to the masses. MBS continues to refine its products and support the growth of the industry. Riders continue to dominate competitions all over the world and our employees, riders and friends continue to help introduce the sport to new people year after year.

Now an established brand with a solid product range. Check out our dedicated MBS Mountainboards Europe website.

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