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HQ Jump 300

HQ Jump 300


Jump 300

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JUMP – the name of this dual-line foil says it all. When the JUMP races towards zenith, it’s high aspect profile generates a lot of lift. This makes flying the JUMP a fun and physical challenge. Despite its sportiness, the JUMP is always manageable and never gets unstable. The first-class workmanship made of high-quality material and the elegantly designed carrying case make the JUMP a fun kite that can travel with you anywhere.
Wingspan: 300 cm
Height: 75 cm
Sail: Ripstop-Nylon
Line: Dyneema 200 kp, 2 x 30 m on winder with 38 mm straps, incl.
Wind (Bft.): 2-6 (10-48 km/h | 6-30 mph)
Age: 16+

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