BIC Kayak

BIC Sport are one of the largest watersports brands in the World. Their kayak range focuses on Sit on Top designs where they offer tried and tested models along with the essential accessories. These kayaks are the some of the most popular round the globe and anyone who has worked in the watersports industry has come across them. Produced at their own facility in France, quality is second to none!


Powerful and lightweight - for the more demanding paddler


A recreational kayak paddle

Sit On Top

BIC Bilbao


A very versatile kayak


A very versatile fishing kayak

Spare Parts

BIC Bilbao Mesh


Replacement mesh

Sit On Top

BIC Borneo


Designed for one or two paddlers


Fishing kayak designed for one or two paddlers

Spare Parts

BIC Bow Bumper


Replacement bow bumper

Buoyancy Aids

BIC Buoyancy Aid ISO


Buoyancy aid available in Jnr to XXL


Drain plugs.


Ergonomic back rest and seat


Fishing back rest and seat