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Academy Snowboards

Academy Snowboards – NS Factory Built

When it comes to snowboard production – we trust in the Never Summer Factory in Denver, CO to deliver the highest quality and make no compromises on performance. They are also a great company to work with. The people with deal with today are largely the same people we dealt with a decade ago, and that is a great sign.

Never Summer Factory BuiltAcademy Snowboards are a grass roots snowboard company out of Tahoe. Over the years the regional team has been home to many of today’s big name riders, including the likes of Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Nick Dirks, Danimals, Jonas Michilot, and Ethan Deiss. Academy is a rider owned and operated, ]founded in 2002 by Jeff Baughn (JB), who still runs the company today with the help of co-owner, Chad Otterstrom.For 18/19 they have moved all their production to the Never Summer Factory.

This is what JB had to say:

Being manufactured at never summer industries, gives us the confidence we need to make the best, most consistent, long lasting boards year after year so you always know what you’re getting. three year warranty, quality and made in the USA!

We are always interested in companies that Never Summer decide to partner with – their judgement has proven to be good over the years. As such we are happy to announce we have began distribution of Academy Snowboards in the UK.

Find out more about Academy Snowboards and check out the 18/19 Academy Snowboard range.


  1. Rob Needham

    Same goes for you guys – you have been there for UK snowboarding since virtually day 1

    • Tom Beaton

      Cheers Rob!