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Terry Kidwell SIMS Snowboards

18/19 SIMS Snowboards

Never Summer Factory BuiltSIMS are just one of those brands that are so important to snowboarding and its history. We are so happy that the brand is in the right hands and the Never Summer Factory are in charge of production. Great shapes produced well using high quality materials. SIMS Snowboards dance between the nostalgia of some classic boards over the years and the need to produce modern, high performance snowboards. This combination is proving to be irresistible for many – including many legends of SIMS’ past. Names like Terry Kidwell and Chris Roach are back on SIMS, along with a host of new riders.

For 18/19 the Tom Pro continues as an homage to the late great man himself. The board is designed to be everything Tom would want in a modern snowboard. With the return of Kidwell aka the father of freestyle snowboarding, it made sense to create a modern version of the legendary Round Tail. The RT2 uses the original Round Tail graphic, a load of traditional camber and some modern tech to create a super fun directional freestyle board.

The Juice is back again with a new graphic. As are the Dealers Choice and SoFun.

Check out the full 18/19 SIMS Snowboard line.

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