Foil kites provide the highest level of performance and are now the go to kite for racing and light wind conditions. They are perfect for riders looking for all terrain performance – land, water or snow.

Foil Kites

Flysurfer PEAK 3


Single skin freeride kite


Single Skin Trainer Kite

Foil Kites

Flysurfer Sonic 2


High Performance Race closed cell foil kite


Race Performance Closed Cell Foil Kite

Foil Kites

Flysurfer SOUL


Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind

Foil Kites

Flysurfer Speed 5


High performance freeride closed cell foil kite


Closed cell depowerable trainer kite

Foil Kites

Ozone Chrono V3


High Performance Freeride

Foil Kites

Ozone Hyperlink V1


All-round Performance Freeride

Foil Kites

Ozone Ignition V2


3-Line Kitesurf Trainer Kite

Foil Kites

Ozone R1 V2


Pure Performance

Foil Kites

Ozone Subzero V1


Dedicated Snowkite Performance