Leading Edge Inflatable (LEI) kites, also known as tube kites are perfect for kitesurfing – they offer fast and simple handling, great water relaunch and require very little maintenance.

Tube Kites

Flysurfer Boost 2


High Performance freeride kite

Tube Kites

Flysurfer STOKE


Versatile all round tube kite

Tube Kites

Ozone C4 V6


C-kite for Wakestyle / Freestyle / Freeride

Tube Kites

Ozone Catalyst V1


All round entry level - intermediate kite.

Tube Kites

Ozone Reo V4


Dedicated wave kite

Tube Kites

Ozone Zephyr V5


Incredible lightwind performance and huge range

Tube Kites

Ozone Enduro V2


All Round freeride / freestyle / wave

Tube Kites

Ozone Edge V9


A high performance freeride kite

Tube Kites

Ozone Uno V2


Inflatable De-Power Trainer