Twintips are where we all start in kiteboarding. We believe in investing in a great all round twin tip you will not grow out of. Then there are loads of more specialist boards with different rocker profiles, bottom shapes and constructions to suit their target audience. Wakestyle, lightwind, kids, girls, high performance freeride and even tandem!


2018 AXIS Billy


141 x 42.5 Wakestyle/Park board


137 x 42 Wakestyle/Park board


Freeride/freestyle big air booster and freestyler


Recreational Freeride kiteboard


Freeride/freestyle, stiff and very smooth for huge airs and powerful tricks


Freestyle machine, boots or straps


A split-able twintip kiteboard available in 2 sizes


All round freestyle/freeride performance twintip kiteboard.


Flysurfer Rush


Freestyle kiteboard


Ozone Code V1


Performance Freeride


Ozone Torque V1


Performance Freestyle


TEN The Act


Serious Fun All round twin tip