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AXIS S-Series Foil 102 Complete

AXIS S-Series Foil 102 Complete


102cm front wing + 75cm mast

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The AXIS S-Series Foil 102 set up is a perfect freeride and downwind SUP / Surf foil. The large 102cm wingspan front wing offers endless glide.

The AXIS Surf / SUP Foil system is totally modular allowing you to easily swap wings, mast heights and even plate or tuttle adapters. The design team have put a lot of effort into creating a super stiff system to maximise performance and durability. The red anodized aluminum mast sections connect perfectly with precision CNC machined fuselage and base plate. Stainless steel torx screws connect the components with included premium Tef Gel Anti-seize lubricant for maximum corrosion resistance.

The Package

102cm front wing
75cm mast
rear wing
plate adapter
wing covers