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  • An innovative twin tube snorkel with 3 one way valves to keep water out, even when totally submerged under water.
  • Powerbreathers now offer 3 levels of hypoxic breathing resistance to build respiratory fitness, (altitude training at sea level).
    Start your training with Easy Speed Vents (provided), then build up to Medium or Power!
  • No gagging or gasping for air. No spitting or blasting water out to breathe.
  • Adjusts to fit all head sizes. Secures with twist lock strap around the head.
  • Lateral twin air intake tubes cannot flop forward so never obstruct your vision.
  • Ameo’s patented Fresh Air system removes stale exhaled air, which other snorkels continually recycle. This lets you breathe healthy fresh air all the time, swim more easily, with more oxygen in your lungs continually powering your muscles.
  • Use it all year round with goggles in your local pool to build up fitness, endurance and stamina, while concentrating on your swimming technique.
  • Use it on holidays with goggles or mask to watch the fish, for snorkelling, spear fishing, and swim trekking round coastal resorts.
  • The Ameo Powerbreather is designed for beginners and professionals, used by World Champions, by physiotherapists for rehabilitation after operation or injury, by coaches for training in Endless Pools and open water, and by swimmers of all ages for indoor fitness training.
  • It helps you to relax more, to swim further, to swim faster and to swim better than ever before.

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