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For all applications including choppy open water

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The Wave Edition is for triathletes and anyone who wants to swim in both the pool and the quiet or moving free water. Also for lower swimming positions.

The POWERBREATHER is an innovation for swimmers of all performance levels, triathletes and snorkelers; ideal for technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training in one.

With the AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM, the swimmer breathes for the first time only fresh air, no pendulum breathing
Innovative valve technology protects against water entering, no irritating blowing out liquids from the snorkel.

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JAN FRODENO – IRONMAN World and European Champion 2015 – regularly trains successfully with the AMEO POWERBREATHER since the end of 2014
THOMAS LURZ – Open water swimmer, twelve time World Champion, second in the Olympic Games 2012
STEFFEN DEIBLER – Competitive swimmer, world record holder 50m butterfly stroke


AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM – Innovative 2-way separation system – for always fresh, oxygen-rich breathing air and free D-Tubes.
SPEED VENT – Quick reaction time of the valve as well as flexible adjusting to various applications and training aims.
EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION – Quick application with maximum fitting accuracy and wearing comfort.
TWIST LOCK SYSTEM – Comfortable adjustment to the individual size of the head.
D-TUBES – D-shaped profile for comfortable, secure hold with optimum airflow (inside) and flow resistance (outside).

Kit Contents

2x SPEEDVENT EASY S (Standard)
2x SPEEDVENT EASY L (Extended version for open water / WAVE Edition only)
2x FLIP CAP (for flip turn or open water / WAVE & LAP Edition only)
AMEO POWERBREATHER PB01 (incl. SPEEDVENT S) Weight: 220 gramm (7,8 oz.) / Dimensions: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm

For more information see POWERBREATHER UK.