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Mark Raaphorst SIC Maui RS

Mark Raaphorst discusses the SIC RS Series

SIC Maui founder and shaper Mark Raaphorst took feedback from the team and after two years of development and testing came out with the RS Series – RS is short for Rocket Ship, and is proving to be one of fastest all-water race boards in the world. These boards have been tested more than any other race board in SIC’s history. The RS has proven to be race ready and will surely take you to the top of your game and the front of the pack.

Aside from racing, the team has had a lot of fun on the wider width models, testing them in a variety conditions, touring and blasting downwind runs with friends. The shape and various widths and volumes have proven to be amazing for performance cruising, recreational fitness and touring.

Offered in 7 sizes – 3 widths in the RS 12.6 (23.5, 25.0, 270,) and 4 widths in the RS 14.0 (23, 24.5, 26.0, 28.0). These boards will replace the majority of the previously offered X Pro and X Pro-Lite as well as FX and FX Pro series boards.

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