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All things to do with MBS Europe.

This hub design is something we are really proud of. It is our best design so far in terms of achieving an amazing strength to weight ratio – whilst still maintaining the pricepoint of a plastic moulded hub. On top of great design, they are available in six different colours! Learn more about the MBS […]

HillBilly Protection will now be distributed as part of the MBS Mountainboards range. HillBilly have built a reputation for building heavy duty wrist guard gloves. Hillbilly’s New and Improved “Baaahd Ass!” gloves! Heavy duty. Made with goatskin and double stitched with ‘heavy doody’ nylon thread. The goat ain’t happy but your wrists will be. Learn […]

The new MBS Pro 100 – Tom Kirkman board looks amazing! We are again very impressed with the artwork from Decreate and am sure this board will be another hit with mountainboarders all over the World. The first stock will arrive around the 25th of June and pre orders will commence immediately. Head on over […]

We have been working on this for months, and doing our best to keep it a secret. Loads of testing and brainstorming on the actual layup and component choices then hours of pouring over graphic ideas. The graphics were done by Dan Wilson, from Remolition and Decreate. Based on some of Tom’s sketches, and then […]

This year we are throwing our support behind the Mountainboard World Freestyle Championships which is hosted by Bugsboarding Mountainboard Centre and has been nicknamed the Battle of Bugs. Registrations and Sponsors have been coming in thick and fast. Here is the latest from the event staff: News Flash…… Only 10 days to go and counting […]