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2018 AXIS Ride 48 Foilboard

2018 AXIS Ride 48 Foilboard


Freeride carbon foil board

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The Ride 48 is toned down version of the Race 41. 100% carbon construction makes a lightweight and strong board, which can take the daily abuse. Designed to be the one board that a dedicated foiler will use under all conditions. The size and volume make it an ideal light wind machine, which will bounce right back up and help with those early foiling starts in light winds. And when you are edging hard pushing the upwind limits the Ride 48 board will help you absorb the chop and point higher due to its beveled rails. The deck is a bit less speed oriented, and more friendly and control focused due to its wider and rounder outline. This board is tons of fun for all levels of riders and conditions.