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Introducing Oxbow SUP

Over the last 30 years, Oxbow has never stopped exploring new territories and supporting riders in pursuit of their passions. The brand developed alongside some of watersports greatest athletes, such as Laird Hamilton, a pioneer of tow-in surfing, kitesurfing, foilsurfing and stand-up paddle surfing. Later with Kai Lenny. As Stand Up Paddleboarding emerged in the early 2000s Oxbow committed its resources and experience to help riders and events.

In 2016 Oxbow joined forces with BIC Sport, who had already become a major producer of SUP products, to develop a complete range of Oxbow SUPs. This soft launched in 2017 and was well received – seeing a significant growth in the range for 2018. The combination of BIC Sport’s proven manufacturing and logistics with the iconic Oxbow branding and support of the Oxbow team riders make for a bright future. We are very happy to be working with Oxbow SUP and introducing it to the UK.

The range comprises 3 main constructions. BIC Sport’s proprietary Ace-Tec, which is produced in France and creates durable, well priced boards. C-Tec which is used on the high end models is a custom construction used to minimise weight and maximise performance. Finally Sup-Air which is the drop stitch technology used for the inflatable models.

Explore the Oxbow SUP range.

Oxbow SUP range

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