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AXIS Ride 48 and Aluminium Freeride Foil

For the last couple of years AXIS have been working hard on their foil program and the fruits of their labour are starting to show. The aluminium freeride foil has been well thought out and the design pitfalls many early foil products suffered from have been avoided. The foil is designed to be simple, easily maintained and fun to ride. Ideal for first timers or seasoned riders looking for something forgiving.

Learn more about the AXIS Aluminium Freeride Foil.

The Ride 48 board uses the same lightweight carbon construction and a similar shape to the more streamlined Race 41 board. It is designed to be the ideal partner for the aluminium freeride foil, but works great with any foil that uses a plate mount. The track system makes it easy to swap hydrofoils and find the right position whatever foil you are riding.

Learn more about the AXIS Ride 48 Foil Board.

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