SIC F 14.0

SIC F 14.0


All Round Fitness / Touring / Downwind

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The F Series range of boards has garnered huge appreciation for its Bullet like performance characteristics with its planing hull design, bringing these benefits to a wider range of paddler abilities. Not everyonee has predictable trade winds and swell that lines up like corduroy. In fact many people are paddling in lakes and harbours where just dealing with boat chop can be frustrating and challenging to stay on your board. Having designed and tested board shapes, rockers, widths and volumes in the most challenging conditions in the world, Raaphorst came up with the perfect prescription for the board that can handle the widest variety of conditions and paddlers.

This board has been tested extensively by Jeremy Riggs who is not only one o f the most accomplished open-ocean paddlers, but also one of the most sought-after paddle coaches for open-ocean and downwind paddling. The F Series boards let people focus on fundamentals because they are not worrying about falling off the board. The performance of this board remains at a high level and will give a novice paddler room to grow into a recreational expert.


F 14.0 SCC

Length: 14’0
Width: 30″
Volume: 298L
Weight: 14.5kg


The F Series offers all the same design benefit of the Bullet Series, like a flat bottom (planing hull) for smooth gliding performance. Wider mid and tail width, higher overall volume and full rails make the F Series the most stable planing hull design in the SIC range. The rocker line is based on the Bullet V2 rockers, which means nice glide and early planing. While F Series boards handles 20+ knots downwind runs nicely, it excels in sub 20 knots. For 2018 the F 14.0 will come in SCC.
SIC SCC Technology
The boards come complete with EX-Grab handle, 12k carbon Weedless fin as well as leash plugs and bungee tie downs.

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