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Levitaz Transformer Foil Board

Levitaz Transformer Foil Board


Convertible Surf / Foilboard

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The Levitaz Transformer is a modern 5´1” waveboard combined with a kitefoil interface. It is built with well-balanced volume and a radical design for high speeds, powerful manoeuvres, and narrow turns. The Levitaz Transformer proves reactivity, speed, and board control in knee- to head-high waves. In foil mode you will feel the familiar surfboard feeling which allows you to progress fast with foiling.


Length: 5´1” (155 cm)
Volume: 25,7 ltrs
Weight: 7,9 lbs (3,6 kg)
Foilmount: Inserts for plate mount 165 x 90 mm
Thickness: 2¼” (5,6 cm)
Width: 19” (49 cm)

Package contents

Surfboard with traction tail pad
Traction front pads (4 pcs)
FCS-Thruster fins incl. tool
Strap hardware (incl. screws and washers)
Foil mount hardware (screws, washers and tool)
Accessory bag