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Levitaz Element Foil Set

Levitaz Element Foil Set

Freeride / Wave Kite Foil

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The Levitaz Element freeride foil is ideally suited for your first steps on a kitefoil. Requiring just a low take-off speed, the wide lift-surface of the front wing makes it possible to get started with foiling easily. If you feel like you have already reached intermediate level, you can easily change to the Levitaz Aspect 3.0 frontwing, which allows higher speeds.

The Levitaz Element kitefoil is made of extremely resistant and lightweight materials. The mast and the wings consist of fibre composite material; the fuselage and the plate are made of saltwater-resistant high-alloy steel.


  • Ideal for “Rookies”
  • Freeride foil
  • Wide lift-surface
  • Low take-off speed
  • Upgrade to Aspect wing is possible
  • Completely dismountable, compact storage – very handy for air journey
  • Extremely resistant connection system
  • Top Quality – Made in Austria

Materials: composite, steel
Weight: 3.9 kg
Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 105 cm

Every kitefoil comes with a resilient carrier bag, specifically designed to hold the valuable Levitaz kitefoil.

The System

The Levitaz kitefoils consist of five main parts that can be conveniently disassembled and stored in our kitefoil bag: the mast, the frontwing, the rearwing, the fuselage, and the plate. While the mast and the wings are constructed from composite material, the fuselage and the plate are made of saltwater-resistant steel. This allows a very slim design, which in turn lowers the water resistance while foiling.

The fuselage, which passes through the mast, connects the frontwing and the rearwing with the mast. The connecting plate ensures a rigid connection between the frontwing and the mast.

Because of its modular design, various front- and rearwings, as well as different fuselage lengths can be combined together. Thus the foil can be adapted to various conditions and can also be disassembled completely, which is especially useful if you travel by plane.


Frontwing Element
4 Screws (M6x20mm)
2 Screws (M6x14mm)
Mounting tool

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