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Infinity E-Ticket Air

Infinity E-Ticket Air


Touring / Cruising Inflatable

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The E-Ticket AIR is our highest volume, most stable performance touring air board. E-Ticket with it’s wide tail provides a stable platform in “busier” water and more stability when the board is loaded up with gear or extra weight from kids, dogs, etc.

Multiple handles, D-rings, and tie down bungee for gear

We constructed this board with our very durable and reliable drop stitch fusion technology which promotes stiffness and protection and gives a nice hard board style feel when inflated correctly. The outer rail is made of higher density to promote impact strength and stiffness for added performance and strength.

E-Ticket is the ultimate ride for stability and gear toting adventure.

Comes with roller bag, air pump, repair patch kit, and fin!


11.0 x 30
12.6 X 31
14.0 X 30
14.0 X 32
14.0 X 28


-lightweight MSL fusion construction
-Dual Purpose Inflation Valve
-Multiple down on deck
-comes with pump, patch kit, roller bag

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11.0 x 30, 12.6 X 31, 14.0 X 30, 14.0 X 32


Blue, Orange