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Infinity B-Line

Infinity B-Line


Performance Surf Shape

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The B-Line takes the razor-sharp shredding from the Blurr and borrows stability characteristics from the RNB to make up a fast, explosive, tour level ride.

The nose is slightly wider than the Blurr but still comes to a point. The outline stays linear for added stability and we break that at the fins with a wing for great pivot off the bottom. This wing matched up with the tail rocker and bottom contour re-directs at a moments notice.

The B-Line has a slightly more relaxed rocker in the front end making it very fast down the line and added flip in the tail rocker matched with a speed channel for release when you want it.


7’4″ x 23″ x 70L

7’7″ x 26″ x 78.8L

7’11” x 27″ x 85.5L

8’2″ x 29″ x 101L

8’5″ x 30″ x 114.5L

8’8″ x 31″ x 125.5L

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7'4" x 23" x 70L, 7'7" x 26" x 78.8L, 7'11" x 27" x 85.5L, 8'2" x 29" x 101L, 8'5" x 30" x 114.5L, 8'8" x 31" x 125.5L