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SIC MAUI Release the 2018 RS Series

The RS Series aka “Rocket Ship” series is finally here! This board is the result of hours of research and collaboration between team riders and the design team – working together to create the ultimate all round race board. The design brief was as always outrageous. The athletes needed a board that was would do great buoy pivot turns, could pound upwind and handle in-rolling surf downwind, had solid side-to-side stability in cross-chop but was still, of course, fast. After over a year of design, development, and testing, Mark Raaphorst believes they have created SIC’s most versatile race board yet.

The new SIC RS


The RS uses lightweight SCC (Single Carbon Composite) construction and has a high volume and low cockpit standing area which brings paddlers closer to the water. This setup gives paddlers greater output while minimizing shoulder fatigue. The bottom under tuck is relatively small, providing a large stability platform underfoot. In the back, the wide tail creates parallel rails which help with direction control. These full rails and wide tail make the RS incredibly stable without sacrificing speed.

The volume is placed strategically in the front area and then is wide in the tail, keeping the board level. This maximizes efficiency by allowing all the force of paddling to contribute to forward movement. The unique bottom and the tail channels allow the paddler in the board to track well, adding an enhanced direction control. The drain plugs mitigate water on the deck, keeping the RS board light, fast, and dry.

The RS Series is equipped with inserts for two optional race handles as well as inserts for bungee tie-downs, both of which are included. The boards also feature a forward leash plug and EZ-grab center handle.

The new SIC RS

The RS 14.0 comes in red and has four different width variations – 23”, 24.5”, 26”, 28” while the RS 12.6 comes in blue and has three width variations – 23.5”, 25”, and 27” widths. These dimension options make the RS flexible in its use, ranging from elite racing to performance cruising or fitness and recreation. The RS is designed for paddlers of any ability and size.

RS Key Features

  • Most versatile race board yet
  • Lightweight SCC construction
  • High volume and low cockpit standing area
  • Wide tail creates stability without sacrificing speed
  • High front volume
  • Drain plugs
  • Race handle and bungee tie-down inserts
  • Forward leash plug and EZ-grab center handle
    • The new SIC RS

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