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BIC Kayak – Now distributed by Maxtrack

We are excited to announce we will now be working with BIC Sport handling their Kayak business in the UK. BIC are global leaders when it comes to Sit on Top kayaks. As well as a comprehensive range of rigid kayaks – made in their production facility in France, there is a range of inflatable kayaks. As well as the kayaks themselves there is a large selection of accessories including paddles, backrests, buoyancy aids and many more.

BIC Sport started in 1979 with a huge investment in creating a facility to mass produce windsurf boards at an affordable price. Windsurfing was growing very rapidly and before long BIC became a major player. As windsurfing started to stabilise in the late 80s then contract in the early 90s BIC diversified and entered the surf market. They used their production knowledge to create the first ever mass produced surfboard in 1994.

In 2002 BIC diversified further and released their first Sit on Top Kayak – the Bilbao. This model was an instant hit and received a design award.The range quickly grew. They entered the inflatable kayak market in 2010 with the Yakka. This range has now evolved to include more models and has been a huge success.