Oxbow Performer FP Paddle

Oxbow Performer FP Paddle


Fibreglass/Polycarbonate Paddle

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Ideal for advanced riders and newbies alike due to their ease of use and performance in a wide variety of conditions. Performer paddles are light, durable and designed for smooth yet powerful propulsion with a clean entry into the water and crisp exit at the end of the stroke. Whether your Touring, Racing, SUP Surfing or just cruising around your local lake, Performer paddles are a joy to use.

Extensive testing helped us determine the ideal flex pattern for maximum comfort and performance. Adding a bit more flex to the paddle provides positive feedback to the user and maximizes effective power output while reducing stress on joints for longer, more enjoyable paddle sessions.



Material: Fibreglass
Length: 67-83″ / 170-210cm
Adjustment: Twin pin


Material: Polycarbonate
Size: Std
Blade Angle: 10.5 degrees
Area: 90″ / 575cm
Length: 17.5″ / 44.5cm
Width: 7.25″ / 18.5cm

Total Weight: 36oz / 1020g