Flysurfer Razor

Flysurfer Razor


A performance orientated freeride directional board

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The Flysurfer Razor is a performance orientated freeride directional board. Unlike most boards in this class though it has no volume. Instead it is built using super tough snowboard style construction. This is not a high performance race board – which is un-ridable for most people. It is a really fast, fun freeride board designed to make light wind riding not only possible, but as much fun as possible.

The most important feature and the key to the unbelievable performance are the 25cm long fins, which offer the best compromise between user experience, ease of use, and performance. It is a massive challenge adding fin boxes to a snowboard construction board. The innovative mini-tuttle-box-solution connects the fins with the super thin board (16mm). Another highlight of the Razor is the extremely pressure resistant and light Airex foam core which is laminated with a robust layer. Due to this layer the Razor is extremely durable and easy to transport. The top layer is coated with an anti-slip paint to make switching stances easier and to give you a more secure stance. Unlike conventional race boards the Razor has some flex which gives it a more comfortable ride. The package is rounded off with four footstraps and comfortable angled pads. The Razor is the only board of its kind.

The Razor becomes a machine when going downwind. Even in the lightest winds it gains speed rapidly when you head upwind. The board is designed in a way that you can edge and ride it similar to a twin tip. Tacking and jibing become incredibly easy with the Razor. Due to its high speed, it glides very well even in gusty conditions. From now on you won’t need anyone to give you a lift after a downwinder, since riding upwind is so fast and easy. If you want to go touring, enter some fun races or slalom events, ride lakes or even boost a couple of jumps – the Razor will handle it. The Razor is a very unique board, offering maximum fun and the thrill of speed in a simple and durable package. Ride it fast!

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  • Razor Construction – An extremely light and reinforced Airex foam core forms the basis of the Razor. The glass fibre laminate gives it the necessary stiffness for a fun riding experience. As always Flysurfer has paid close attention to durability and longevity. An extremely tough construction is finished with a robust top sheet, laminated with an anti-slip coating to help your feet maintain grip when adjusting your stance. We have high standards for quality so only use the best materials in order to guarantee the best results even if that means higher production costs. The innovative construction means the Razor takes up less space in your board bag when travelling than any other race board, and also is a lot more resistant to dents and possible damage.
  • Fins – One of the biggest challenges was fitting robust fin boxes into such a thin board. We were successful in integrating the mini-tuttle-boxes which allows us to be the first kiteboarding company to release a board like this. The Razor comes with three 25cm long G-10 fins. This is currently the most robust material for kite fins and offers the best flex to stiffness ratio.
  • Pad – Strap Combination – The Razor is delivered with a specially made pad-strap combination. The EVA pads offer a great grip and are raised at an angle allowing you to ride the Razor flat on the water more easily. This also offers good comfort for riding in wavey or choppy conditions as well as allowing you to jump. The straps can be adjusted at either side using a Velcro system and fit a size EU 39 up to 46 easily.
  • User Experience – Never has it been so easy to get on the water in light winds. This is due to the way the fins are positioned and shaped, the shape of the deck, tucked under edge and the flex. The Razor is a little harder to ride than the Flydoor however it is a lot easier than most race boards – without sacrificing too much in regards to performance. The main reason it is a lot easier than a race board is that you can ride it on its edge like a normal twin-tip for a few metres to get going. When you get the hang of it you will be hooked on the thrill of speed in light wind conditions and the amazing upwind performance. The Razor shows its real potential in light wind and flat water conditions.
  • Made in the EU – Thanks to our manufacturing process within Europe we can guarantee highest quality and the usage of only the best materials.

Technical Specifications

Length (cm) 165
Width (cm) 60
Thickness (cm) 1.6
Weight (kg) 4.6
Packing size (cm) 165x60x11
Core construction Lightweight Airex foamcore
Fins 3 x 25cm Razor-Fin G10 (Finbox-System: Mini-tuttle-box


1x Flyboard RAZOR
2x Angled pads (grippy molded pads with good damping characteristics)
4x Velcro footstraps (huge adjustment range and dimensionally stable)
3x 25cm RAZOR Fins made of durable G10
1x screw set
1x Gear Guide (Flyer & Fin assembling)