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BIC Java Fishing

BIC Java Fishing


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New for 2016, the Java Fishing gives you above all an outstanding compromise between glide and stability. At more than 4 metres long, you can take on even more ambitious excursions than in the Bilbao. Its large rear storage area and integral roller system are great advantages for angling outings. Better still : comprehensive fittings and accessories giving you lots of options for personalising its set-up, for angling or other trips. The Java is also easily converted into a sea kayak.


  • Integrated footrests and Safety grab lines
  • Reserve buoyancy, Carry handles and Front hatch
  • Paddle attachment
  • Seat EVA foam cushioning
  • Stern protector & wheel
  • Inserts for backrests
  • Mooring straps
  • Rear hatch
  • Self-draining scuppersFront
  • EVA foam cushioning
  • Drink holder
  • Bow protector
  • Accessory stowing mesh
  • Rod holders

Technical Data

Design Length Width Weight Capacity Max load
JMC-Design 13’5″ 28” 64 Lbs 1 or 2 adults 330 LBS


  • Deck and hull sheet thermoformed in one single operation ! Fusion of hull and deck sheets into one complete Kayak, with maximum strength along the rail.
  • Front and Rear bumpers (replaceable).  Protect the kayak against abrasion and wear and tear.
  • 7 mm Polyethylene skin anti UV treated.   Strong and durable; highly resistant to knocks and scratches.
  • Deck and hull sheet thermoformed in an aluminum mould.  Precision manufacturing for a quality shape giving maximum glide and performance.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic cockpit = increased paddle-comfort
  • Vast rear storage area = can carry sizeable load of equipment for long trips or fishing
  • Wide, deep, triple-volume hull design = excellent steering control, great performance in sea conditions, glide
  • Integral roller system using removable wheels that are stored under the rear deck when on the water = easy transportation to the water edge without needing a trolley
  • Built-in adjustable foot rests = wide range of paddle position settings, paddle comfort
  • Design-led concept = aesthetically pleasing, great ergonomics.
  • Integral rear protection runner and front bumper = longevity
  • Fishing Version fitted with integral rod racks/rests, watertight storage hatches, bait box holder… = totally adapted to meet your fishing trip needs.
  • Three vesrions available : Standard, Touring (same colour as Standard but fitted out for Fishing), and Fishing (camouflage green/beige colour scheme)

BK2013-09-Borneo_points_498pxMuch longer than our other boats, the two models in the PERFORMANCE series are aimed at a more sporty market, offering a wider range of paddling styles and options, but still easy to use. Joining the Scapa and the Borneo, the new Java model arrives with a fistful of innovations.

1. Mono-paddle seating configuration
2. Duo-paddle seating configuration
3. Storage space with integral elasticated straps
4. Wheel storage hatch
5. Foot rest
6. Rear bumper

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