Levitaz Kite Foils

Fly Over Water – LevitazĀ® produces high-quality kite foils and kite accessories. We guarantee 100% Austrian-craftsmanship and top-quality. The range includes models suited to all styles of riding as well as a small range of foilboards. Levitaz is the choice for many of the World’s top racers.


Freeride / Freerace Kite Foil

Kite Foil Parts

Levitaz Aspect Front Wing


Freeride / Freerace wing - speed oriented


Race / Race Pro Kite Foil


Rookie / Strapless / Freeride Kite Foil


Lowest take off speed, highest stability


Freeride / Wave Kite Foil

Out of stock

Kite Foil Boards

Levitaz Exo Foil Board


Allround foilboard for every condition

Out of stock

Kite Foil Boards

Levitaz Raze Foil Board


Dedicated race board

Out of stock

Convertible Surf / Foilboard